@.ac is dedicated to the salvation of the art school and, if not its salvation, its eradication and replacement as social form. It is a formless monstrosity, which we define, for convenience, as an entirely autonomous, democratic, non-hierarchical, rhizomatic, arts collective without any permanent members. @.ac creates moments of pedagogic détournement in social or institutional spaces otherwise governed by hierarchy, capital, or spectacle. We consider these interventions as stages in an ongoing social sculpture, as well as test-sites leading towards the formulation of an anti-art school, or even an art-education-to-come.

Read our 2014 manifesto here.

@.ac welcomes proposals for collaborations from like minded artists, curators, educators, students, and activists on projects concerning the following -

  • Pedagogy as art, politics, or resistance.

  • The visual codes of art education as art.

  • Anti-oedipal models of education.

  • The history, theory, or philosophy of aesthetic education.

  • Site-specific, psychogeographic, hauntological, or institutional critique.

@.ac does not collaborate with ‘for profit’ organisations or participate in artists’ competitions / festivals / prizes / conferences that are funded by unethical corporate sponsors or use submission fees / delegate fees for private profit.

We have social, political, and philosophical objections to the use of Facebook, but expressions of interest or messages of solidarity can be sent to

e: attackdotorg@gmail.com

t: @attackdotorg